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WELCOME 2020!!!

Hello everyone! Lupie Life hopes that every one is stepping into 2020 with a positive attitude. Lets leave all the negative behind in 2019 and strive for a healthy and productive 2020! We just wanted to update you on our fundraising efforts. We are still working hard with our fundraising. We were down a printer but finally were able to purchase one to continue our letter campaign that we started. We will continue this campaign in 2020. We received some generous donations from the companies that are posted on our home page! We would really like to thank them for their support. We also received some Facebook  donations for our birthdays and a few from our donation button. Some of our supporters even had their friends and family donate to us on Facebook  in honor of their birthdays. This was a great surprise and we would like to thank them and their family and friends for their support. We are hoping to raise enough funds to schedule our first big fundraising event this year. We started a Lupie Life group page on Facebook and are also getting new followers on our Instagram daily. Please spread the word about Lupie Life and support us by contributing on all of our social media. We are on Facebook, Instagram, and a group page on Facebook. Thank you all for your support, and please keep spreading the word about Lupe Life and fundraising for us. :)


**Lupie Life Staff**

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