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After several months of hard work, Lupie Life has finally come to life! In the months of April through December 2018, we are rolling out our fundraising event. We will be fundraising for our new nonprofit organization through social media, friends, family, small business, and corporate donations. Donors can donate by clicking the donation button on the home page as well as mailing donations. We are now an official charity on Facebook! Now all our supporters are able to raise money on our behalf. Please start fundraisers on our behalf by clicking the fundraiser button on the left of your page. You can also donate to us through Facebook by hitting the donate button under our Facebook picture in the bottom right corner where the pencil is. We are also an official charity on AMAZON SMILE! Please log into your amazon accounts through AMAZON SMILE and choose us as your charity to donate to. Anytime you buy anything on AMAZON Lupie Life will get a percentage of your purchase at no cost to you. We appreciate any help we can get. This will enable us to give back to all those that are suffering from lupus and need assistance. Even the smallest amount will help. We are hoping fellow lupies will also donate to our organization so if in the future you need support we will be able to help you. We thank-you in advance and are working hard to make our first fundraising event successful. Our success will be enable us to start giving back to those that are living the Lupie Life.


Please mail donations to:  Lupie Life

                                                 26 Market Street

                                                 Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. 11776

Lupie Life is a 501 (c) (3) organization

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