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The Nike Sportswear Down Fill Parka

I was looking for a full coverage women's parka that was like a stadium jacket. I needed something that would cover my whole body because I am constantly cold. Everyone is different with lupus as well as other autoimmune diseases. One minute you are freezing and the next minute your hot. Winters in New York are killer. If I was going to try and keep up with my walking regime than I would have to search and find the perfect coat. After searching for hours on the internet I finally found the winner!

The women’s Nike sportswear down fill parka. The Nike Sportswear Down Fill Parka provides warmth and coverage so you can beat the winter. It features lightweight insulation and is long enough to cover almost to your ankles. You get lightweight warmth even though you are getting the extra coverage. It comes in 4 colors. Black, olive, red and white. I purchased the black one. It was everything I expected. The jacket is very oversized, so I bought 2 sizes down. It was perfect. It still had room to add a sweatshirt if I wanted, but it really isn’t necessary. Now the only negative thing about this parka is that it is pricey. At $300.00 it does break the bank. The only reason I splurged was because it was Christmas and Nike offers a student discount of 10%. I was able to have my daughter who is a student help me obtain that discount. Keep your eyes open for an end of season sale. You might be able to grab this winner and a large discount. I highly recommend purchasing this parka, if you are looking for a full coverage, stylish coat that will keep you toasty all winter long!




  • 550 duck down insulation adds warmth with less weight and bulk.

  • Elongated silhouette with oversized hood and collar enhances coverage.

  • Pockets are lined with soft fleece fabric.


Product Details

  • Body/center opening trim fill: 100% polyester. Panel/lining: 100% nylon. Fill: Minimum 75% grey duck down or minimum 75% white duck down depending on colorway

  • Machine washable

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I found this coupon!! 

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