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Lupus as well as other chronic and autoimmune illnesses can cause havoc on your hair. Sometimes your hair just falls out, thins out or just looks beat up. No shine, loss of thickness and even color change can all be caused my medication or the illness itself. My daughter Blakelee had a to die for mane of hair. Waist length thick shiny with a slight wave to it. When she was diagnosed with lupus and she started to take all sorts of medications for the symptoms she started getting bald spots. Her hair thinned out and fell out in clumps. It was life changing for her especially when your usual on point beautiful locks are now nonexistent. I saw advertisements for Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins. I thought it was worth a try. After a few weeks of using the vitamin gummies, she started to see the difference. Less hair was falling out (her brother appreciated that since they share a shower! Ha Ha) As the months went by the shine returned and the length grew. She even regained the thickness. I decided to try these myself. I can’t believe the difference! I didn’t see a dramatic change right away but at the end of the third month, I can honestly say my hair is in the best shape. It is thick, shiny and soft. It has even grown a few inches. I don’t see any difference in my nails, but my skin is looking brighter and fresher. Make sure you take them every day. I leave my bottle on my bathroom vanity and take them immediately after I brush my teeth. The vitamins are a little pricey, but I went to CVS and they had a buy one get one free which saved me about $16.00 for the 2 bottles. They have these buy one get one free vitamin sales frequently. You can also get them on amazon smile. They come in a few flavors including strawberry and citrus. There are different size bottles, and they also come in soft gels and caplets. Their web site below has tons of information on them. They also offer a challenge and a 30-day money back guarantee! Make sure you chose Lupie Life as your favorite charity if you buy them from Amazon. Just click the link below. I hope you all find this review helpful. Good luck and go get your Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins today!!!

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