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Adidas Tiro 17

Adidas Women's Tiro 17 Soccer Training Pants come in several color combinations.


Ash Green/White                   Black/Ink

Black/Energy Pink                  Black/Pink

Black/White                            White/Black

Noble Indigo/White               Black/Dark Grey

Black/Black                             Dark Grey/White

Grey/Grey                               Power Red/White

Night Cargo/Lt Nght Cargo


I purchased a pair of black with white stripes Tiro's. I love these pants. I will start with the fit. I love how they are loose at the top and then taper from the knees down. They remind me of English riding pants. They have an elastic waist which makes them easy to pull on and a drawstring. You don't even really have to tie the drawstring, they will stay up with out tying it. I say this because when you are having bad flares and your hands and joints hurt, being able to just pull a pair of pants on is the best! Now I move onto the pockets. There are 2 pockets with zippers. The best thing about them is that they are really deep pockets so they fit a lot of stuff without the worry of things falling out. My Iphone fits perfect with room to spare. This is great when you don't want to carry a heavy bag and just want to take a few things with you when you go out. Moving down to the ankles, the zippers are great because if you have swelling you can unzip them, and if you don't like things tight around your ankles you can unzip them a little or a lot. Lastly, the fabric is great because it is cooling and you don't sweat in them. Lightweight climacool material with mesh inserts prevents overheating and keeps you dry.  Everyone knows when your having a flare up you could also feel the heat coming from your body. I know with Rheumatoid arthritis I sometimes feel like I'm burning from the inside out. With many of the auto-immune diseases fevers are common as well as symptoms of sweating and body burning. I really recommend these sporty pants for all lupies. They are so easy to just throw on and they go with anything. I have even seen them in magazines on women wearing high heels! They are fashionable and affordable. The price range is from $23.00 to $50.00. They are available at JC Penneys, Khols, and Bobs stores. I got mine online. Just google women's Adidas Tiro 17 pants and there are all kinds of deals, some include first time buyer coupons, and free shipping.


Adidas Tiro Pants are not just for athletes.

Features that are beneficial to lupies:

  • Slim fit soccer pants

  • Lightweight climacool® fabric provides cooling ventilation and dryness

  • Mesh inserts enable maximum breathability where it counts

  • Front zipper pockets store personal essentials

  • Drawstring elastic waistband adjusts for a custom fit

  • Zipped leg openings hold bottoms snugly in place

  • Tonal stripe graphics offer an athletic look

  • adidas® logo hip graphic

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