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 " Bee Your Beautiful Self " Fashion Tips

Hair Loss

Talk about having a bad hair day. What if you were losing your hair and every day was a bad hair day. Lupus can cause hair loss as well as dry, dull and brittle hair. Having lupus might keep you from coloring your hair the color you would like to. Medications can also cause you to lose your hair, and then possibly another autoimmune disease has the nerve to add to the mix! Maybe a little dose of some hypothyroidism? Some days it’s a few strands and other days its clumps going down the drain. Thank God for today's fashion. Hats, scarves turbans, wraps, wigs and even hats with hair attached to them can make you look so good, you will forget what is going on up on top of that pretty little head of yours. Head bands are also a great cover up for missing hair spots. All these items are available at affordable prices. Even different color bandannas can be turned into head bands. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different head apparel after all lupus is part of your life so you need to make adjustments that make you feel good. When you look good you feel good! (well at least a bit better). Take some selfies of yourselves in your trendy head wear. Message them to us on our Instagram and we will post them. Ladies (and Gentlemen) put on those hats, wigs, wraps, headbands or any other head apparel that helps you cover your thinning or missing hair. Even having no hair is becoming quite trendy with women these days. Think of all the time you will save in the shower. As all of you know your once normal 15 minute shower has turned into such an ordeal!  Whatever you decide remember you are beautiful with or without hair. Just remember your living the Lupie Life you might as well do it in style!

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